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Originally Posted by MaulanaMalik

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i had a chance to look at the software before the launch and i’m pretty sure that Backlink Snatcher ROCK! I recommend this software to my customers
good job dude and goodluck with the launch

Maulana Malik

Originally Posted by SmartwayGuy

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Perfecto…! Just what I need…!

Originally Posted by daddykool

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SWYS – mini review

So backlink, smacklink… what is the point? Well if you grab backlink snatcher at this stupidly low price, before it rockets, you may find out!

One of our students just sent us this:

Quote:”Hi DK, thanks for the link to the wso for backlinks, just to let you know we installed it on a vps,ran it for 30 mins and then just sold 2 gigs on fiverr with the results of one of our website backlinks $45.00 ker ching Cheers Terry XXXXXX”
Erh what, you have bought a wso and 30 mins later found a way to make money from it… that has got to be a record!

So… while we mess about on a full Say What You See review… and while the OP gets the prices sorted We say…

Originally Posted by rivermaya

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definitely great backlink finder tool, the results have been amazing, and the process itself is simple … good work guys

Originally Posted by Jaka Pradana

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wow awesome software to check, make quality backlink and spy your competitors.

Cool man!!

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