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Blog Commenting Ninja The Best Non Spamming Blog Commenting Software:
Do you want to effortlessly create ‘on target’ backlinks
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is based on Google’s Best Practices?

“First Ever Non-Spamming, Artificially IntelligentBlog Commenting Software, that Emulates Human Behaviour to Find Niche Related Blogs and Post Blog Relevant Comments on 100% Auto-Pilot
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Don’t wait for the Search Engines to rank your site or
risk using spamming backlinking or spam software
Boost your backlinks, human traffic and search engine ranking with this
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Watch the video below now!

From :The Blog Commenting Ninja Team
Date : Tuesday, 29 October , 2013

Dear Friend,

If you want to make money online from building content websites and blogs – then you need to know that in adition to having original and compelling content you do need relevant backlinks to your website. Getting backlinks to your site is a major factor in getting your website or blog indexed and ranked by the search engines!

You also need to know the search engines have changed the rules when it comes to backlinking and increasing your search engine ranking. The days of spamming blogs with junk unrelated comments and building 1,000’s of irrelevant or junk blog comments and links are gone for good!

Not only do you need a reasonable quantity of backlinks to get your site indexed and ranked to begin with, they should be related towards your topic and keywords. Building a high volume of irrelevant back links, or duplicate comment links could in fact result in the search engines penalising your website’s search engine ranking – or even worse getting your site de-indexed ‘removed’ from the search engines results altogether!!!
Blog Comment BackLinks Are VERY Effective But Let’s Be Very Clear About Certain Fundamental Aspects

There many ways to get backlinks and building back links from blogs is one of the easiest ways, but also is very verytime consuming.


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you to participate positively in blogs and forums related to your niche. This participation in a positive way is noted and your site gets a good note from the “Google God”. Our software is completely based on this fundamental.

We will certainly not claim that you’ll be benefitted in search engine ranking without any useful content or improper keyword research and page optimization. Our magical blog commenting software can be an highly effective tool when you have unique and useful content for your website.

We also don’t claim that it is a magic wand SEO software that you use it and your search engine rankings improve overnight. We are sure you understand that SEO is an ongoing effort and all about doing the RIGHT things and keeping patience.

Commenting on related blogs and building backlinks direct to your website, blog or online offer is an effective and important aspect in gaining significant volumes of ‘free’ targeted search engine traffic through both targeted human traffic and from the increase in your website’s search engine ranking.

The blog owners are happy to get relevant ‘on topic’ unique content to their blogs and the chances of getting your comments approved, increases.

It’s a win-win for you and the blog owner…

They get traffic and relevant comments

You get free keyword targeted backlinks, increased real human traffic and a positive impact towards your Search Engine Ranking = more traffic = more sales!

You also understand that we do not guarantee the comment stick rate and neither have any control on when the blog owners will approve your comments.
Blog Commenting Benefits

  • Your blog comment posts will be targeted towards blogs that relate to your pre-set keywords with the comments being posted on the appropriate keyword related page.
  • Some blogs will have a high Page Rank (PR) and this counts as a heavy weight vote towards your Search Engine Ranking.
  • Many blogs automatically ping the search engines so this means the search engine spiders will find your backlink and index your site even quicker.
  • Even if a blog backlink is No Follow, your site will still get found and indexed by the search engines and more importantly you’ll still get real human traffic as a result of seeing your ‘related’ comment.
  • BUT…It can take weeks and weeks to find related keyword blogs and then manually comment on related each blog and most of the other auto blog commenting products out there simply spam blogs!

No other blog commenting software worked in an ethical white-hat way ….So we created the answer!

[Image: 3c1ef323f50aa5fdb3e6008e193917d10cb81149.png]

[Image: 3c9e200111066d32d77b2622740843b94fde0715.jpg]

Blog Commenting Ninja™ This blog commenting software is the most advanced and intelligent automatic blog commenting and link building software available on the market. It breaks news grounds in using artificial keyword and blog relevance intelligence when both finding and posting on specific posts in keyword targeted blogs.

Blog Commenting Ninja™ This blog commenting software has been designed to be user friendly, time saving, intelligent, powerful and most importantly unlike other blog commenting and link building software on the market.

Blog Commenting Ninja™ This blog commenting software and it’s features are designed to comply with Google’s own published linking building best practice guidelines including the recent updates in Google’s Search Engine Ranking and Algorithm (codenamed ‘Farmer’ or ‘Panda’)
Blog Commenting Ninja Features:

There are too many to list here, but watch the video above for
further details and see it in action below:

[Image: 36b4d0d6f0757cec55e0279fef16b6188b92c821.png]

Key Features of Blog Commenting Ninja Blog Commenting Software:

  • Never pay for keyword targeted back links again
  • Great for beginners and experts alike
  • Create unlimited targeted links while you sleep or on auto-pilot
  • Completely based on Google best practices. Read more from

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  • Completely hands free unique comment posting. Literally one click keyword targeted intelligent blog commenter
  • Automatically suggests new keywords and keyword combinations for subsequent runs
  • Free auto-update facility checks every time you log-in for improvements or new features
  • Advanced competition crushing features allow you to hunt down and post to blogs where your competitors already have back links
  • …So easy a child can do it.

[Image: 36b4d0d6f0757cec55e0279fef16b6188b92c821.png]

Complete automation – This Blog Commenting Software can create massive free lists of keyword targeted blogs worldwide

  • Automatically find, create, save lists of keyword relevant blogs, with supports for user defined custom blogs footers too
  • Supports virtually all major blog platforms such as WordPress, Blog Engine and Moveable type blogs
  • Search blogs by a range of footprints – such as if they accept HTML in comments, or even select your own custom blog search footprints
  • Auto-scrape all or selected Top Level Domains (TLDs) like high page ranking (PR) .edu, .gov
  • Supports scraping for major local domains like .co.uk, .us, .au, .ca so on…for local ranking.

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    In this example we have taken Singapore domain.

  • The Search engine search can also be set for major Google countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland
  • Supports importing of your own independently sourced blog lists – so if you have a great blog list then Blog Commenting Ninja will post on auto-pilot
  • Ability to scrape blog lists based on a wide range of footprints
  • Each blog scrape is limited to up to 300 blogs or 30 pages of Google search results so that the keyword based results are more accurate. You can then run and combine multiple blog scrapes to combine differing search formats into lists of 1,000s of keyword targeted blogs
  • Based on the results of your existing blog commenting projects and profiles, the programme will automatically and intelligently analyse and suggest new Keywords and combinations to give you additional targeted ideas for your subsequent blog posting run

[Image: 36b4d0d6f0757cec55e0279fef16b6188b92c821.png]

The Most Powerful, Intelligent and Search Engine Compliant Blog Commenter Today…

This Blog Commenting Software doesn’t spam or post irrelevant comments unlike other software out there. The programme is intelligent and follows Google guidelines and posts unique value adding comments that are relevant to the specific blog page relevant comments (the first time ever).

  • Blog Commenting Ninja supports four types of commenting:
    • iQuestions™
      Asks and auto-posts intelligent questions auto-fetched from the internet and based on the keywords of the blog
    • iComments™
      Auto-posts comments auto-fetched from the internet based on the keywords of the blog
    • Profile Comment
      Post your own self-written ‘custom comment’ that can be static or can include write your own ‘Spintax’ comments so as to auto-spin each comment
    • Manual Comments
      for ultra-effective targeting you can choose to personally manually comment on each blog entry
  • iComments™ or iQuestions™ can be automatically spun on the fly with the help of any of the three spinner softwares and can be posted to make each comment unique.


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. (Based on popularity).

  • iPersonalise™ Feature – dramatically improves the chances of having automatic comments accepted by blog owners. If chosen, Blog Commenting Ninja can ‘connect personally’ with the Blog Owner and specific blog topic by using its ability to automatically and intelligently:
    • Add greetings and sign offs in your posted comments such as Hi, Hello, Thanks, Regards etc.
    • Add the name of the blog owner or Blog itself (if found on the blog) into the comment

[Image: 36b4d0d6f0757cec55e0279fef16b6188b92c821.png]

You have TOTAL control over the link building process…

  • Create, save and update Profile/Projects once based on your keyword. You need not enter the fields again.
  • Want to stop the blog posting run and do it later? No problem you can pause and re-start from the same position in your target blog list from where you left earlier.
  • Want to start the list again from the beginning? No problem….you can re-set the position back to the first.
  • Integrates with the major Decaptcher services to auto-solve the onscreen anti-automation ‘Captcha’ services helping you post on true auto-pilot – it even shows your remaining Captcha balances. If you don’t subscribe to a Captcha solver service, no problem, the blog can be set to avoid blogs with Captcha services installed, or to pause on each one to allow you to manually the answer to the Captcha – plus it automatically solve maths Captchas like x+y=z
  • It supports proxies. Inbuilt auto proxy scraping so not to leave the foot print for your posts.
  • Supports proxy loop. Set the number of posts from the same proxy IP.
  • Need to spin an article and post your custom comment? No problem, put in your Spintax and get it spun (must have The Best Spinner credentials installed in the Settings).
  • Time Delay option allows you to slow down the rate of posting as this is useful if you have a slow internet connection.

[Image: 36b4d0d6f0757cec55e0279fef16b6188b92c821.png]

Powerful Import, Export, Reporting and Blog List Management Capabilities

  • Live statistics of the posting as well as page rank, out bound links and Do or No Follow Status.
  • Ability to scrape unlimited multiple blog URL lists.
  • Advanced Reporting and Exports in CSV/.txt format including successful and failed URL lists, or just scraped URLs.
  • Automatically generates a list of successful blogs at the end of each run so that you can ‘keep’ and re-use your known successful blog lists.
  • Includes powerful List Manipulator allowing to combine lists, de-duplicate entries within your combined lists and trim your scraped or bought lists.
  • Backlink checker – Helps you to find out later and monitor how many links have been approved. It shows the follow type and the number of Outgoing Back Links on that URL.

Once you’ve created hundreds of posts on keyword targeted blogs, make sure you don’t miss out on the full benefit of those comments and links with our super powerful ‘finish the job’ and competition killing tools!!!

Built In Ninja Link Building Features Include…

  • Competition Crusher™ a.k.a. Backlink Extractor – allows you to view and extract up to 1,000 of inbound backlinks and filter out the post-able blog list from any chosen URL and can automatically post relevant comments to them. It ensures that you get the same sort of blog backlinks as your competitor might have.

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  • Monitor your own links, but also spy on your competitors and scrape a list of their inbound links as well. You can then analyse their links and also then go and ‘hunt them’ down by auto-posting in the same places they are listed.
  • Allows you to also filter out or list and extract competitors ‘non-blog’ backlinks & web 2.0/social media back links allowing you to spy on their ‘secret’ link sources so you can then simply go clone and kill their success!
  • You can scrape multiple higher ranking competitors and then combine and de-duplicate the lists into one super list.
  • Mass Auto Pinger – Once your post comments have been approved and appear in the targeted blogs that’s only half the job! Don’t risk or wait for the search engines to stumble come across them! With the built in Mass Pinger feature you can simply import your list of successful blog posts and then mass ping them to the search engines so they know to come and index them – thereby maximizing the link juice towards your own website or blog.

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  • Rapid Indexer – This feature has been designed to help get your new website or blog naturally indexed by the search engines rather than Pinging them. This feature posts up to 7,500 backlinks and notifications relating to your chosen URL to over 7,500 popular, high traffic or statistical websites all over the internet and all over the world. Thereby increasing the chances of the search engines ‘naturally’ finding links back to your URL.
  • Auto Blog Feeder – This bonus feature takes the Blog Commenting Ninja’s intelligent keyword content scraping ability to find targeted iQuestions and iComments relating to YOUR blog and to automatically generate and post content to your blog. These can also be made unique via the integration with The Best Spinner (if applicable).

[Image: fcgk2lh.png]

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