[GET] jAsk v0.1 [Ask.fm Bot] [Spam Pickup Lines] [Multi – OS]

jAsk 0.1
By SilverLeopard

is one of my first java applications, i coded this mainly for me and a
few friends to have some fun but i decided why not let others join in
with the fun? I spent a few hours making this and so far the result
seems to be quite good. There is still a lot i need to do to perfect
this but i wanted to see the public’s opinions on it before i continue.


  • Java Application (Mac/Windows/Linux Compatible)
  • Grab completely random pickup lines
  • Set custom delay

[Image: Sbt7fJb.png]
If you download without saying thanks than i will more likely stop updating this for the public.

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File is larger than normal because of libraries used.

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