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GET Niche cracker is an ultimate tool for your business, which will give you a strong base to start your internet marketing projects. Download NicheCracker Crack It doesn’t matter if you are in Amazon, Clickbank, Youtube, Google Adsense or any other affiliate marketing. It will provide you the best keywords and exact match domains for your next project/website/blogs. Using them you can generate maximum profit, reqseotools.com which you were unable to generate otherwise.

NicheCracker The HOTTEST Niche Finding Software EVER Released!

Download Niche cracker is a keyword research tool for general, Youtube, Amazon, Google Adsense Sites. It will give you most profitable and less competitive keywords for which you can target your websites and blogs to generate maximum profit out of single project.

Let see an overview of the tools which niche cracker offers:

1) Keyword Cracker: This tool is a keyword research module in which you can find highly profitable keywords and Exact match domains to which you can target your website to generate maximum profit. It is a general keyword tool, on which you can do any type of keyword research.
2) Youtube Cracker: This tool is a Youtube Keywords research module you can find high traffic and highly profitable keywords to which you can target your Youtube videos.
3) Amazon Cracker: This tool is for the Amazon affiliates you are willing to find profitable products in a short period of time.
4) Competition Checker: This tool will give insights of competitor’s strength on particular keywords. So, reqseotools.com that you can get an idea of competition on those keywords.

Download Niche cracker Free software interface has four General parts:

1) Global Options: It is a top menu strip where you can find global options which will be visible on all of the software tools like Keyword Cracker, Youtube Cracker etc. You can find these options here:
a. New Project: This button is used to create New Project, It will clear all the previous project data from the software.
b. Save Project: This button is used to Save the current project in Niche Cracker (*.nc) file format. It will store all of the data from each tools in a single file. So, that you can easily store a single session/project in a single file.
c. Open Project: this button can be used to load a previously saved project file.
d. Extra Cracker: Niche cracker offers many extra features/addons which can be used to do some extra tasks.
e. Proxies: this button will show the Proxy Management window on which you can manage the proxies used by Niche Cracker.
f. Settings: this button will show the Global Settings Window where you can specify the application settings.

2) Tool Selector: You can switch between the tools with this.

3) Controls: You can find tool specific controls in this area, for example if you chose “Keyword Cracker” it will show the options for “Keyword Cracker”.

4) Result List View: This area will show the results in list view you can filter, sort, export to CSV file, import from CSV etc.
a. Import CSV: Use this option to import an existing CSV file into the list.
b. Export CSV: Use this option to export the results in CSV file
c. Delete: Use this option to delete the selected keywords
d. Clear List: Use this option to clear the list view.
e. Send To: Use this option to send the selected keywords to other tools.

Keyword Cracker

Let’s start keyword research with Keyword Cracker tool. Keyword cracker can find keywords to some seed keyword or it can generate new random profitable keywords. reqseotools.com Here the procedure to generate keywords:
Find Keywords:
1) If you want to find keywords related to some seed keyword, choose “Seed Keyword” and specify the seed keyword. Or Choose “Generate Random Keywords” to generate new keywords idea and number of keywords to generate.
2) Select “Remove Brands Name” if you don’t want a specific brand name to appear in the results. This list can be edited by clicking on “Brands”.
3) Choose a match type from broad, exact or phrase match type.
4) Choose “Replace All” if you want to clear the list before adding new generated keywords or If you want to add the generated keywords in the existing list choose “Add to list” (if you are searching again for some other keyword).
5) Click on “Generate Keywords”. Software will start searching for keywords, it will automatically analyze the EMDs and Commerciality for the keywords.

Snip Competition

Let’s continue the keyword research of previous section. Keyword Cracker provides a quick overview of the Organic Keyword competition. It searches, analyses and calculates the organic competition metrics. It is a slow process and takes considerable time to load the results. Hence, it is recommended to filter out the keywords which we don’t really want to use.

Search Insights

Niche Cracker provide a Tool for analyzing Search insights, on which we can see the demographics, locations and search trends of keywords. Let’s check more details about the keywords we’ve chosen earlier.

Keyword Cracker Context Menu
We have a context menu for keyword cracker, on which we can do some additional task on the keyword.

Youtube Cracker
Youtube Cracker will find high traffic keywords.

Amazon Cracker
Amazon Cracker will find profitable products in a short period of time which you can promote with ease.

Competition Checker
Niche Cracker’s Competition Checker will give insights of a competitor’s strength on particular keywords. So, that you can get an idea of the type competition you will be facing with those keywords. Competition checker with analyse following matrics:

Niche Cracker has in built proxy support. In proxy management user can add proxies and check them. Software will then randomly use proxies.
So now head over to general settings on main window and hit proxies button. It will show the proxy management window, Now here you can load your proxies by importing a list of file or by adding with add button.

Download NicheCracker Crack

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