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If you are looking for long-tail micro-niche keywords or looking for profitable Exact Main Domains, and the tool must be super smooth and lightning fast when scraping keywords then Ultimate Niche Finder is the most keyword research tool I recommend to you. Why? Let me review this keyword research tool and give you the facts about the Ultimate Niche Finder.

What is Ultimate Niche Finder?Ultimate Niche Finder is a bulk keyword research tool software created by Clyde. It is PC only and you will need to install it on a Windows computer. This tool does require proxies to function. You can use public proxies but I highly recommend you get private proxies. You can get it from Proxy Bonanza. It is only $17/mo for a 68 IP’s pack. But if you don’t want to use private proxies you can use proxy finder such as Proxy Multiply, Mattseh’s Proxy Finder, or Proxy Goblin to scrape public proxies.

What This Ultimate Niche Finder Can Do For You…
[Image: rENkf.png]Generate 10.000 Longtail Keywords – Generate unlimited number of keywords from a single seed keyword. Just click one button, leave, and come back to a list of 10.000 of micro niche keywords.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]Bulk Analyze Keywords for Rankability [/b]- Accurate but fast SEO Competition analyzer suggests how many backlinks you should build to rank on Google. Analyze the Top 3 websites, not Top 10 so you will get traffic when you rank.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]Easy to Understand SEO Scores [/b]- Using Color-coded Difficulty scores: Green means easy, Orange means moderately difficult, and Red means hard.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]Look for EMD’s, 1000 Keywords at a Time [/b]- Multi-threaded Exact Match Domain Finder that checks a minimum of 4,000 available domains in a single request. Shows TLD’s – com/net/org and .info.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]Filtering and Sorting [/b]- Don’t Just Expand and Scrape, Expand -> Filter -> Delete then Expand again. Get more mileage. Add negative or positive keywords that you want to include/exclude.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]Select Match-Type [/b]- Select between Exact/Phrase/Broad match.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]Sniper Scope Precision Targeting [/b]- Check the “Show only related keywords” option in Settings to go narrower when expanding for long-tail keywords.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]International and Localize Support [/b]- Works with international keywords that utilize accented characters from German, French, Spanish, Portugese etc. Works with almost every countries in the world.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]Commercial Intent [/b]- Shows the Online Commercial Intent (OCI) of each keyword. High value means people looking to buy, low value = info keywords.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]Everything Else [/b]- Export to CSV, New Project, Save Project, Save As Project feature so you can open the data in MS Excel or other tools.
[b][Image: rENkf.png]Excellent Support and Regular Updates [/b]- Respond to every email in less than 6 hours. And Fixed the last Google problem in less than an hour, faster than Market Samurai or any other tools out there!Sales page:


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