HTML5 Meme Maker

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HTML5 Meme Maker
Version 1.5! Now with Admin Panel to delete memes!
Again, by popular request, Meme Maker comes with an Admin page to delete memesDemo page:


User: demo Pass: demo
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More features coming up!
Version 1.4! Adds Meme Rating, Popular Memes Page! By popular request, Meme Maker now comes with a rating system.
New Features

  • Now you can rate memes!
    See this
    [Image: NwdiE.png]
  • New Popular memes page lists most rated memes!
    [Image: QHFou.png]
  • Recent Memes page also shows rating for memes!
    [Image: jofX2.png]
  • New look for recent memes page!

Version 1.3! Load higher resolution images like 800×600! and Bug Fixes

  • Now you can upload images of much bigger sizes like 800×600, 1024×920 or any size!
  • Meme maker is improved to handle these bigger images
  • Bug fix: Facebook like issue fixed
  • Bug fix: Link issue fixed

Version 1.2! Security Enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Enhanced Security Adds additional checks to make sure your server is safe from script kiddies. Thanks to blazedd for good feedback!
  • Recent Memes sort issue fixed

Version 1.1 New Features and bug-fixes!

  • Users can upload their own images and make a meme! (Can be disabled in settings)
  • Pagination On Recent Memes page
    [Image: xbW19.png]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Title not showing sitename issue
  • Fixed some images in recent not showing properly issue

Upcoming Features

  • Admin panel
  • Recent Memes sort control

This HTML5 + PHP script provides you with a full fledged Meme Maker for your website.

  • Upload any image you want, comes with a set of pre-installed meme templates to get you started
  • Fully HTML5 Meme Maker
  • User Canvas and other advanced techniques
  • Works on Mobile devices like iPad, iPhone etc
  • Drag text captions, choose size, color, outline
  • Create and share to Facebook
  • Each generated meme gets its own page that can be shared anywhere!

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