MASS Facebook Account Creator 2.1.33 cracked by omega

MASS Facebook Account Creator 2.1.33



It works, but I have not fully created a full functioning account. It creates the accounts, but they may be limited until they are verified.


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The easiest way to make it work for you would probably fill out the “SAMPLE_FACEBOOK_DATA.xls” that is included in the folder and fill it in with your own data.
The ones from there probably have been used already, so they won’t work anymore.
Fill it out exactly as it is already filled out. The more data you put in it, the more accounts you will be able to make.
Don’t forget to load this data on the first tab or else the app won’t work.
Unfortunately I do not have a user guide for this.


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File name:MASS Facebook Account Creator2.1.33.rarDetection ratio:1 / 46

The detection was most likely due to the packer I used on this.
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