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You can-do with Twando

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Twando is a PHP/MySQL Twitter script with a huge range of features.

Monitor your followers, auto follow and unfollow, auto DM new followers, schedule tweets, search & mass follow new users and much, much more.

Create your own App

• You create your own Twitter application; no need to give access to your Twitter accounts to a third party.

• Quick installation process; manage all your Twitter accounts from a single install.

• No need to install a specific CMS; Twando is a standalone PHP/MySQL application that can run alongside any CMS.

Powerful Follow Tools

• Want to know who unfollowed you? Or even who you might have unfollowed? Twando will tell you.

• Auto follow your followers and auto unfollow those who unfollow you.

• Want to automatically DM your new followers? Really? With Twando you can.

• Search any topic on Twitter quickly and easily for new users and mass follow in seconds.

Schedule Tweets

• Create scheduled tweets and post at any time you like.

• Bulk upload thousands of tweets quickly and easily via a CSV.


  • Installation

    Installing Twando is bascially a 3 minute job, but there are some more advanced configuration options which are explained in detail below.

    3 Minute Install
    Download Twando
    Unzip the zip file and rename inc/config-sample.php to inc/config.php.
    Update the options in config.php with your required settings.
    Upload the entire contents of the folder to a directory on your server, e.g.

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    in your browser.
    That’s pretty much it! You can now set up your Twitter application and auth accounts by following the instructions at

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    From a Previous Version

    Upload the entire contents of the download zip to where you previously installed Twando on your server.
    Delete the inc/config-sample.php file from your server.
    That’s it; sorry if you wanted more!Detailed Configuration Options

    In inc/config.php, there are several options you can configure before installing Twando:
    The name of the MySQL database you will use with Twando
    The username of the MySQL user you will use with Twando. This user must have full privileges on the database specified above.
    The password for the MySQL username specified above.
    The host address of your MySQL database. This will usually be “localhost”.
    All created MySQL tables will be prefixed with this value. This gives you the option to run multiple Twando installs from a single database if you wish. You shouldn’t set this to anything longer than 10 characters. Changing this after you install will break the script.
    The username you will use to log in to your Twando install.
    The password you will use to log in to your Twando install. Try to use a password that’s long and hard to guess.
    This should be a hard to guess string of characters. This is checked when the cron job files are called; since Twando supports remote http calls to your cron jobs, having this key prevents unauthorised running of your cron jobs.
    Twando has been built to support multiple languages in future; currently this should be left as “english”.
    The format the time and date should be displayed in at various parts of the script, using the parameters from PHP’s date() function.
    The URL of your install, e.g.

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    If you don’t set this, the script will try and work out what it is for you but it can’t handle things like port numbers in your URL and other fancy stuff like that. If you set this incorrectly, the script won’t work.
    Note: check the .htacess file is configured properly for your webhost setup if you have “internal server error” – its the cause.

  • Download

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