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Are you looking for an easy way to scrape thousands of relevant comments directly related to your niche? Well, today is your lucky day! As a celebration for my new blog I”ve decided to make one of my most popular tools a freebie for all my blog readers.
There is no catch, no opt-in, nothing to sign up for – the tool is 100% free. Not only that, but you”re welcome to give it away to your own blog readers, share it on forums or give it away as a freebie for your own products.
What is Ultimate Comment Scraper?
Ultimate Comment Scraper is a tool designed to make creating niche related comments a lot less time consuming. It does this by using Yahoo Answers, Twitter and Youtube API”s to scrape questions, comments and tweets related to your keywords.
Anyone who does blog commenting knows how tedious and time consuming it can be to write out blog comments for each of your niches. This is the reason why Ultimate Comment Scraper was created.
Here”s a quick breakdown:
If my blog was about weight loss, I would try to leave comments on other blogs related to my niche. (weight loss, fitness, nutrition, diet, etc.) The best way to leave a comment that will actually stick is to leave one related to the blog you”re commenting on, and in the form of a question. By leaving a comment in the form of a question, you”re asking the admin and other blog readers to engage in conversation. A good blog owner doesn”t like to leave unanswered questions hanging around the blog for too long.
Scraping Niche Related Comments
For this example we”re going to go with the “weight loss/fitness” niche. I”m going to scrape questions from Yahoo Questions based on these niche related keywords “lose weight” and “gain muscle”.
[Image: ultimate-comment-scraper-1-580x182.png]
Time to start scraping …
[Image: ultimate-comment-scraper-results.png]
We ended up with 144 niche related questions that can now be used for blog commenting.
Here are some example comments:

  1. What”s a quick and easy way to lose weight for a nursing mom?
  2. How can I lose weight in my thighs and legs?
  3. What should I eat to lose weight or to stay slim? Other than slimming products,is there anything else to help you lose weight? Like what type of vegetables,fruits,or meat that decreases our body fat percentage?

Each comment above is asking the blog owner a question related to the niche. Even if the question isn”t 100% related to their particular blog post, there is still a better chance of it appearing more natural then if you were to just write a generic comment like, “Hey! Great blog post!”. As long as the comment is related to the overall theme of the blog, you have a great chance of passing moderation.
What else can Ultimate Comment Scraper be used for?
The cool thing is these questions are being scraped directly from Yahoo Answers which means every one of these questions has been asked by a real person. This can help you gain insight into your niche by knowing what people are asking and needing help with within your niche. Need to write an ebook for your blog readers? Take some of the best questions you get from the software, do a little research and find the answers to the questions. Throw this in an ebook and now you have a simple ebook based around your niche you can give away for free in exchange for an opt-in, as a product bonus, etc.
Ultimate Comment Scraper can be used for:

  • Creating social bookmark titles/descriptions
  • Creating niche related comments
  • Doing niche research
  • Compiling information for ebooks
  • Discovering more niche related keywords

The sky”s the limit!
It wasn”t long ago I was selling this software for $27. Now you can have it 100% free with give-away rights simply by sharing this post.

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