I Need scrapebox v2.0
Every 1
This Is My 1st Post
I m Requesting For scrapebox v2.0 please.
I dont No this is right place or not..

ADV Thanks
nokia1432009, proud to be a member of BlackHat SEO Forum since Dec 2012.
Trust me it's a lot simpler to just buy the program for $60.
It's lifetime and is a very vital tool for everyday use.
If you are looking to scrape search engines, you can do it with the older cracked version(just update the custom harvester search engine definition files)
If you to use for simply just remove duplicates(you can use the old version again)
for checking proxies(so many checkers available)
for custom data grabber(you can use any basic scraper for the job)
There are tools available for everything but scrapebox is just all in 1 for all basic tools and $60 is a good investment. Smile
You're right things such as scrapebox xrummer and gsa products are not cracked because theyre coded well and quality products. The crackers capable of cracking them are either expensive to hire or just not interested in SEO stuff hence why the scrapebox cracks are rare and the others don't exist.
If you can't buy them just use many different lower quality apps but they still do the job.